Mariana Branco

Writing in the world of public relations or a mental yoga routine

We can all agree that writing is a mental exercise, a practice that not only stimulates the mind but also offers a calming effect, igniting the imagination. In many respects, if yoga is described as a “bend and breathe” experience for the body, then writing can be seen as a mental contortionist act. Visualize it as yoga for the mind, minus the lycra — although if you’re a lycra fan, there’s no need to ditch it.

Just like yoga poses work wonders for your body’s flexibility, writing does a similar jig for the brain. You stretch your imagination, bend your thoughts, and balance your ideas. It requires focus and discipline. It’s a process that demands your full presence in the moment, to dive deep into your thoughts and to stretch the limits of your imagination. It’s akin to a mental mirror that reflects your thoughts — and sometimes they look surprisingly good in words, don’t they?

In the world of public relations, where communication is king, writing takes on a pivotal role, sharing some similarities with the benefits of yoga. Just as yoga enhances physical flexibility and strength, writing within the realm of PR cultivates mental flexibility, creativity and cognitive resilience. It’s like a distinct form of stretching, one that involves your mental muscles, helping you adapt to the constantly shifting landscape of news, media and public perception.

Much like the disciplined yoga practitioner, a professional in the field of public relations must maintain unwavering focus and consistency. In this context, writing isn’t just about conveying information; it’s about crafting compelling narratives and messages. PR professionals must remain in the moment, finely attuned to the nuances of language and communication. They must stretch their creative faculties to fashion stories that captivate audiences, all while maintaining a keen sense of balance in their messaging.
Writing in PR encourages introspection. When formulating press releases, articles or bylines, PR experts dive deep into the core of their client’s identity, mission and objectives. They aim to express these ideas in a way that resonates with the public, requiring a sense of mindfulness. This reflective practice ensures that the messages they create align with their clients’ values and the ever-evolving expectations of the media landscape.

In the fast-paced world of public relations, writing serves as a medium for professionals to reflect and express themselves. It provides them with the tools to navigate the challenges, pressures, and the ever-changing communication landscape. While it may not serve the same purpose as yoga in finding inner peace, writing offers a means for PR professionals to address the demands and high-stakes situations they encounter. It’s a way to process and regain mental clarity, contributing to the effectiveness and strategic balance in their communication efforts.

Furthermore, the written word in public relations acts as a tool for building relationships. It’s a way of fostering trust and credibility. PR experts must communicate ethically and transparently, ensuring their audience sees them as reliable sources of information. The consistency and clarity of their writing reflect the integrity of their clients, establishing a connection with the public that is founded on trust. Writing is more than a skill; it’s a bridge between organizations and the public.

In the dynamic world of public relations, where the written word carries significant weight, writing shares profound connections with yoga’s underlying principles. While these practices may appear vastly different on the surface, they both require dedication, balance, and the willingness to adapt to new challenges. Just as yoga enthusiasts find their equilibrium through focused practice, PR professionals use the power of written words to establish resonance, trust, and reliability. The synergy of writing and PR is a harmonious connection — all while recognizing that, occasionally, a yoga class can provide the much-needed mental pause.

After all of this writing, I think I’m going to start doing yoga again.

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