Lisboa Unicorn Capital

Launch of the Lisbon Ecosystem Guide

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The Square was challenged by Lisboa Unicorn Capital to develop the Lisbon Ecosystem Guide (print and online versions) during Web Summit 2023.

Inside, you’ll uncover a wealth of insights, including testimonials from some of the brightest minds in our ecosystem and remarkable individuals who shared their experiences and wisdom about Lisboa. Ana Casaca – Global Head of Innovation at Galp; Cristina Fonseca – Co-founder and Partner at Indico Capital Partners; Daniela Braga, PhD – Founder and CEO at; Elisa Tarzia – Vice President at 351 Portuguese Startup Association; Fernando E. de Pina Mendes – Founder at NOW Beato; Gonçalo Amorim; Founder and CEO at BGI – Sustainable Ventures; Inês Sequeira – Founder and Director at Casa do Impacto; Joao Pedro Martins – Ecosystem Builder, former Project Manager at Made of Lisboa; Maria Guimarães – Nova School of Business and Economics Innovation Ecosystem Community Manager.

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