Rita Pardal

Let’s do our Public Relations Spring Cleaning?

Spring is here and that means it’s time to deep clean the house. In this case, our PR projects and work. With the warm weather comes an easy checklist to make our jobs easier and smoother. With some simple steps, it’s possible to streamline our resources and ensure best practices in our companies.

This season comes with great responsibility, so let’s roll our sleeves up, revisit old ideas and create new ones. Once you’re organized in your work, doing PR is peanuts!

Cleaning and organizing everything can be time-consuming, but we can assure you that it is going to save you time later. Whether you have five minutes or one hour to spare, we are here to help you harmonize your work. Here are five tips to help you do some PR spring cleaning:

1. Freshen up musty data bases: It is important to make sure all your journalists contacts are up to date and have not changed posts or jobs. New talent is always emerging, in companies and newsrooms, so let’s refresh our lists and gain new perspectives on our work.

2. Deep clean your old monitoring alerts: Let me guess. You are always receiving those old alerts about a topic you don’t even work on anymore. It’s time to delete all the alerts that don’t help you and are just filling up your inbox with irrelevant information. Use your alerts wisely.

3. Give your email a refresh: Do yourself a favor and clean out your email. I bet it was your new year’s resolution, but you didn’t get round to it. Now’s the time. Declutter your inbox, organize your tabs and you’re ready to enjoy an easier and more accessible email inbox. You’ll be well on the way to reaching “zero emails” status.

4. Bring some new players to the game: A big part of our job is to keep our clients well informed of all the new trends and communication opportunities, so take some time to reflect and search what best can serve your client’s business. The world is constantly changing and there are always new approaches and topics to explore.

5. Reflect on first quarter results: It is impossible to continue working and generating new ideas in communication without reflecting on the past. Only this way can we stay relevant and avoid repeating ideas. Monitoring results and references is very important to make sure we align our strategy and keep up the good work.

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