At The Square, we seek inspiring individuals who value continuous growth.


We are hiring:

People who are committed, passionate and eager to become top-notch professionals.

We welcome diverse minds and unique life experiences that drive innovation, creativity, and growth.

Please note that The Square is driven by a demanding and unique culture and work philosophy.

If you have a resilient
and entrepreneurial spirit.
get in touch with us! 

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Get to know our Values
  • Be excellent, always

  • Don’t bullshit: be polite, honest & direct

  • Learn every day... and more from mistakes

  • Dare to experiment, try hard, and achieve the impossible

  • Work hard, play hard - and enjoy every victory

  • Be proud, stay humble

  • Live as a team, die for the team

  • Always improve The Square

  • Be the reason for an exceptional customer experience

  • Make the world a better place

  • Grow further

Thriving at The Square: Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Merit based culture
We thrive in a culture where your achievements, contributions, and the value you bring to the agency determine your recognition, rewards, and advancement. Performance is our path to success.
Growth & career opportunities
Engage in dynamic training, mentorship from your direct coordinator, insights from top-notch speakers, and access valuable resources for skill honing. Opportunities for advancement and career progression are mapped out with clear frameworks.
Wellbeing & flexibility
Showcase your skills, deliver excellence, and within 6 months, dive into our hybrid work model and flexible perks. We're all about adapting for your peak performance. Stay healthy and kickin' with our yoga club, buddy system, and a lifeline for support.
Transparent communication
Boost your performance with our regular feedback sessions at The Square. Constructive evaluations, shoutouts for achievements, and a goal-driven approach to excellence. We rate results on a 1-10 scale with objective, measurable feedback.
Sustainability: A company of good causes.
We're all about positive vibes. Our ESC efforts focus on entrepreneurship, economics, mental health, and culture right from the start. Join us as we give back and make a meaningful impact.
Positive environment & strong culture
Teamwork, innovation, and ethics rule at TS. Our city-center offices in Lisbon & Madrid create the perfect vibe for 'office camaraderie.' Enjoy great public transportation, plus coffee, tea, fruits, and more...
Would you like to join a company with impact?

At The Square, we’re all in on social responsibility and also dedicated to making the world a better place.
We support impactful projects and partner with organizations across various sectors that we believe are truly making a difference.

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