At The Square, we seek inspiring individuals who value continuous growth.


We are hiring:

People who are committed, passionate and eager to become top-notch professionals.
We welcome diverse minds and unique life experiences that drive innovation, creativity, and growth.
Please note that 
The Square is driven by a demanding and unique culture and work philosophy. 

If you have a resilient and entrepreneurial spirit, get in touch with us! 

At The Square you’ll discover a vibrant and inclusive environment that celebrates talents and fights adversities.

As a rapidly expanding company, we can provide a lot of opportunities to learn, evolve, and advance in your career.

We’re committed to investing in your growth through mentorship, training, and meaningful challenges that propel you to new heights.

Your work will directly contribute to our mission of transforming the Communication industry in Iberia.

Get to know our Values:

Would you like to be part of a company with impact?

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