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This is our Iberian Leadership team.
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Sara Proença


From Lisbon (& Singapore & São Paulo) to The Square….

Happy entrepreneur, passionate for people and highly motivated. Doing her best to make a positive impact managing the day to day operations of The Square, leading a multidisciplinary team of ~40 people working in Portugal and in Spain.

With more than 15 years’ experience, she started as a financial analyst in capital markets, but her charismatic profile soon led her to the field of communications. Before launching The Square, Sara lived in three different continents and worked at three renowned communication agencies, both in Portugal and Brazil.

Sara graduated in Business Administration from the Lisbon School of Economics & Management (Portugal), has a postgraduate degree in Communication, Marketing and IT from Fundação Instituto de Administração Business School (Brazil) and a master’s degree in International Management from Université Grenoble Alpes (France).

Last but not least, Sara is highly committed to work and to her family: she is the proud mother of three little girls and is working hard together with her husband to raise and (try to) prepare them for life.

Sofia Pereira


From Sintra to The Square….

A natural entrepreneur, Sofia has been leading clients from different sectors, including Mobility, Innovation, Technology and Fintech and is currently working to expand The Square in the Spanish market.

Sofia graduated with a degree in Communication Sciences from Nova University (Portugal), and started her entrepreneurial adventures in the board of an NGO, where she was responsible for the launch of a cultural magazine, leading a team of five people.

She also worked in a couple of agencies, where she was responsible for managing a variety of specialties and fields, in both the public and private sectors.

Pragmatic and tremendously passionate about her job, it’s not by chance that she has cultivated excellent results and created great friendships with every client.

Ana Pedro

Senior PR & Content Specialist

From Caldas da Rainha to The Square….

Talented PR professional with in-house and agency experience for B2B and B2C customers. Ana is committed to engage and skilled to deliver, and has been focusing in Construction, Consulting and Software sectors.

Having begun her professional career as a journalist and editor in health, human resources and tourism publications, Ana has since been acting as a senior specialist in renowned communication agencies for the past 15 years, following her graduation in Communication, from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (Portugal).

Along the way, she has also managed communications and marketing departments in a non-governmental organization for development, a national innovation institute, and a software house, before joining The Square’s multidisciplinary team.

In her spare time, she enjoys art, books, piano and travelling the world.

Sara Cardoso


From Matosinhos (& Bologna) to The Square….

Sara plays a significant role at The Square, as she deals with a variety of (digital & PR) communication strategies to help clients building relationships with the media, engage with target audiences, and promote the organization’s messaging.

Sara graduated with a degree in Communication Sciences from Nova University and with a master’s degree in Marketing, Communication and New Media from Bologna Business School. After some years working in agencies in Lisbon, she took off to Italy for a master’s degree and experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Before coming back to Portugal, Sara decided it was time to fulfil the dream of traveling for 3 months in Southeast Asia, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that happened right before she enrolled in a new professional challenge in the transportation industry.

Sara is a natural team player – a decade as a volleyball player might have helped.

João Camilo

Senior PR Specialist

From Lourinhã to The Square…

João is a specialist at the new mobility and tech sectors and has a special taste to deep dive into new and innovative sectors.

Graduated in Biology from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, this Portuguese Silver Coast native soon realized that he would prefer communicating than dressing a lab coat. This led him to take a master’s degree in Science Communication at NOVA FCSH and he’s been working in this area ever since.

João is an avid cinema fan, from Wes Anderson to the Star Wars and Marvel fandoms. Analog photography and vinyl and photography are his new obsessions, and he is frequently lost in these worlds for many hours.

His determination means he never puts less than 100% of himself into any and every project he dives into.

Joana Cidades

PR & Content Specialist

From Setúbal to The Square…

With a passion for books and for creating powerful stories together with our partners, Joana dedicates her time to manage strategic PR & content plans for a variety of organizations, including corporations mostly in the circular economy, energy and tech sectors. She works hard to help her clients maintaining a positive reputation and reach their communication goals.

After managing several websites in the Real Estate investments sector, Joana assumed the role of Content Management at an IT consulting firm in Lisbon. With a degree in Communication Sciences from Nova University (Lisbon). As Content, PR and Digital conquered her heart fully, Joana did a post-graduation in Digital Marketing at ISCTE (University Institute of Lisbon).

In her free time, Joana can be found reading and orienting book clubs, doing yoga classes or binge-watching documentaries. Learning new skills and getting curious about the world is what drives Joana every single day.

Michelle Rioja

Senior PR Specialist

From Madrid (& Mexico) to The Square…

Michelle is the first team player joining The Square internationalization move to the Spanish market and therefore she knows everything about how to pave the way to grow a local business from scratch.

With a degree in Marketing and Advertising in Mexico City with a specialization in Advertising and Graphic Design in Madrid, to then find her passion in Communication and Public Relations in Spain.

She has had the opportunity to grow as a PR in multinationals and startups in different industries, from energy to gastronomy, working with two different communication agencies.

Michelle is very committed to delivering excellent results. She likes to challenge herself, tries to see an opportunity in every difficulty and believes that teamwork always delivers the best results.

Mariana Branco

PR Specialist

From Lisbon to The Square…

Mariana is disrupting the Portuguese PR scene in the tech and scaleup ecosystems, and driving media relations and content-focused communications strategies for a wide array of companies. She has been constantly surprised by the innovators that she meets.

Mariana started her career as a journalist where she stayed for seven years. The will to know more made her change her perspectives and turn directions to another area of communication.

She graduated in Social and Cultural Communication from Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal).

If you give her a good book, a cup of tea, and her family and friends, she probably won’t ask for more.

André Torrão

Senior Digital Communication Specialist

From Trás-os-Montes to The Square…

André co-leads the Digital comms department and works daily on consolidating, planning, and developing this business area to level it up.

Graduated in Artistic Studies from Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), it was in Digital Marketing and Communication that he found his true purpose – to communicate brands and help them grow and achieve their goals.

André believes in purposeful and passionate projects, and in going the extra mile to excel at them. A travel lover, he’s looking to discover new realities and challenges.

Truly passionate about history, the Harry Potter universe (proud Slytherin) and Marvel, and reading (from Saramago to Larsson).

João Penedo

IT Manager

Raquel Mesquita

Administrative Department

Carolina Batalha

PR Specialist

Rosa Madero

PR Specialist

Angela Reynaud

Graphic Designer & Digital Communication Specialist

Carolina Inácio

PR Specialist

André Reis

PR Specialist

Eva Azevedo

PR Specialist

Joana Guimarães

PR Specialist

Patrícia Santos

Graphic Designer

Joana Canhão

Digital Communication Specialist

Carla Pedroso

PR Specialist

Bruno Martins

Digital Communication Specialist

Bárbara Barbosa

PR Specialist

Mariola Montoya

PR Specialist

Patrícia Cavaco

Administrative Department

Sofia Ferreira

PR Specialist

Sara Ribeiro

Digital Communication Specialist

Alba González

PR Specialist

Inês Lourenço

PR Specialist

Isabel Sena

PR Specialist

João Pires

Graphic Designer

Rita Simões

Digital Communication Specialist

Diana Santos

PR Specialist

Rita Coelho

PR & Digital Communication Specialist

Catarina Carvalho

PR Specialist

Raquel Máximo

Senior PR Specialist

Ana Ribeiro

Digital Communication Specialist

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